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Who Are The Beasts Of Revelation 13?

By Bill Weather - Main Page - prophecybase

Not first identifying the Beast who enforces the mark is like putting the cart before the horse. Unlike the Futurists and Preterists, we name each head and horn of the beast. We go with what makes sense.

Identifying the Heads of the Beast

Rev 17:10 says... 

There are 7 heads. 5 are fallen, one is, and the other has not yet come, and when he comes, he must continue for just a short time.

So the "one is" at the time Revelation was given, was the Roman Empire, the undisputed 6th head of the beastThe Roman Empire was overthrown by the Germanic tribes of the north in 476AD. Out of these tribes, the Ostrogoths emerged as the rulling power for 45 years.

So now, the 7th head is in control and it says he "would continue for a short time". The Ostrogoths ruled for only 45 years, matching our description of the 7th head of the beast, ruling for just a “short time.”

Now some prophecy students think these heads of the beasts must be an empire and not just kingdoms, but Rev 17:10 calls them kings. It boils down to where ever the saints and scriptures dwelt. For example, the Mongolian Empire was far bigger than Babylon, Persia or Greece, yet God did not address it in Daniel or Revelation because that’s not where his saints or scriptures were. They were moving through the Roman Empire, so this is what is addressed in the heads of the beast.

Now we have an all important transition that takes place between Revelation 12 and Revelation 13. A crown represents authority and power and so the Rev 12 crowns on the heads, are now in Rev 13 on the horns. We are now done with the 7 heads and move to the Rev 13 horns, now crowned instead of the heads.

These 10 crowned horns are the same 10 horns of Daniel 7. These 10 powers are listed in the meme. The history books tell us the 3 horns plucked up, in Daniel 7 were the Vandals, the Huruli and the Ostrogoths, by Justinian/ Papacy. 

Now we have this 10 horn beast ruling at the same time as the 2 horn beast. Two verses in Revelation tell us this.

Rev 13:12 – And he exercises all the power of the first beast, in his presence….

Rev 13:14 – And he deceives them by means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast.

Well now, that was obvious, wasn't it? This is telling us in no uncertain terms, that both the beasts of Revelation 13 dwell together, AT THE SAME TIME, described as “IN HIS PRESENCE!That's not possible if one is 1500 years in the future, while one is dead from the past, like the Futurists think.

We are given a time frame of how long these beasts are reigning, 1260 days/ 42 months. Based on Num 14:34, EZ 4:6 and Dan 9:25, a day in prophecy, equals a year, so this would equal 1260 years. We Historicists see this as fulfilled in the meme below.

It is fake to think there is a 1500 year skip code here, putting these beasts into the future, like the Futurists are saying. Both the Papacy/Byzantine beast and the 10 horn beast were reigning at the same time. Those 10 horns eventually became France, Germany, England, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands and other European nations.

And if they were reigning at the same time, then its mark must also be from that era and not what some people think the mark is, with such wild speculations as the vax, an SDA Sunday blue law or an implantable bio chip ID. The image of the beast formed by them was The Holy Roman Empire.

Now that I’ve proven from scripture who the beasts are, the heads and horns that align in perfect unison with history, we can now learn what it’s mark is here and see how, historically, the mark has been fulfilled, with understanding that we are no longer in Revelation 11-13, but are now in Rev 16, awaiting the start of WW3 soon. STORE FOOD!!

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